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1 Nov 13, 2005 20:53    

In ega1 came up with a way to show the commenter which word in their comment matched the antispam list instead of just saying "not allowed". This hack adds to that a bit by saying that a commenter who happens to be logged in will not have their comment compared to the antispam list.

In htsrv/comment_post.php find around line 87 something that looks like this, then make it be this:

if( empty($comment) )
{ // comment should not be empty!
	errors_add( T_('Please do not send empty comment') );
elseif( ! is_logged_in() )
	if( antispam_check( strip_tags($comment) ) )
		errors_add( T_('Supplied comment includes a disallowed term: <strong>'.$block.'</strong>' ) );

2 Nov 14, 2005 03:48

Thanks EdB. This should qualify for default inclusion in the "next" release.

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