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1 Nov 16, 2005 20:02    

Hi everyone!

I wanted to develop a polyglot like plugin for b2evo. Polyglot is a plugin which allows one to write multiple language versions of the same post using special tags.

However I have problems with using my own tags in post for example post like:
<lang:en>Test in English</lang:en><lang:de>Test auf Deutsch</lang:de>

fails to save...

I have one alternative namely: using html escape sequences like :
<!--lang:en-->Test in English<!--/lang:en-->

But that's not ideal

Anyone has some ideas ??? Any help appreciated !!!

2 Nov 17, 2005 15:00

The file that you need to change to allow more tags is /conf/_formatting.php .

3 Nov 17, 2005 17:56

That is exactly what I was looking for :)


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