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1 Nov 23, 2005 05:57    

I was writing an article on DNS services tonight and was unable to make a post with the service until I removed an entry for from the blacklist. It probably shouldn't be listed. hosts a free dns service so there are both spam and non-spam sites using that domain, of course we only want to block the spammers. Just a suggestion that it gets removed from the upstream list.

2 Nov 23, 2005 06:34

I checked on it and it was reported by 45 people. I usually don't feel too bad about blocking a service like that. I try to weight out how many people will have to manually allow it to post a genuine link (like you did) and how many will have to manually remove spam if we don't add it to the blacklist. Or how many subdomains will have to be added to the blacklist to cover the spam. I'm going to leave it in the blacklist for now. Any other blacklist maintainers want to weigh in?

3 Nov 23, 2005 08:18

There were actually a dozen different reports that contained, with the root domain itself being the overall heaviest with 45 reporters. One or two of the subdomain flavors had a couple of dozen reporters each. I gotta agree: adding the root makes a lot more sense than adding each keyword, although I'm not sure why we give blogspot spammers subdomain level publication.

This is not the first time a heavily reported keyword has stopped a blogger from making a post the way they wanted to, so again I remind myself I've wanted to code a work-around for bloggers of a specific level or group.

In my mind it would say "this url you wanted to link to is blocked because of keyword [foo] but since you're a high enough level or in a special group you can link it anyway by clicking HERE". Of course the admin would be in charge of what level or group gets to make that choice, if anyone.

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