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1 Nov 14, 2005 14:48    

Running 0.9.1 Dawn, attempting to create a post to my blog containing the following URL:

<a href="">University Poker League</a>

I get the error "Found invalid URL: URL not allowed"

Could someone aid me in fixing the above mentioned bug?

2 Nov 14, 2005 15:05

That's not a bug, it's a feature. :)

The word 'casino' was added to the central blacklist. I didn't do it, and we'll discuss removing it from the central list, but you can remove it from your local list easily. Go the the antispam tab, show the whole list, then find casino and click the green checkmark to allow it. Then the link should post.

It looks like the keyword has been reported about 200 times. A lot of spam comes from casino sites. But even if we don't remove it from the blacklist, you shouldn't have any more problem with it.

3 Nov 14, 2005 15:07

D'oh! It never crossed my mind to check the blacklist... I mean, if I am the admin, any link I post should be okay regardless of blacklisted words!!!

I thought it was because it couldn't parse the extra parameters in the URL or something! :D Thanks for the tip.

4 Nov 15, 2005 01:51


Try this hack that I made. When you get such a problem in the future, it will tell you EXACTLY WHICH blacklist word (or other problem) is causing the HTML-checker to barf. (Especially useful if your blog is about poker) ;)

Hope this helps.

-stk :D

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