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Typo in b2evocore/_class_blog.php

Started by on Nov 30, 2005 – Contents updated: Nov 30, 2005

Nov 30, 2005 16:29    

While trying to generate a static page via a stub file (which is still not working) in v0.9.1 I came across this on line 238 in b2evocore/_class_blog.php

case 'dynfilepath':
    return $basepath.$this->siteurl.'/'.$this->stub.( preg_match( '#.php$#', $this->stub ) ? '' : '.php' );

In my case, '$this->siteurl' returns 'blog', so from looking at that ternary op, the following might be what was intended:

case 'dynfilepath':
    return $basepath.$this->siteurl.'/'.$this->stub.( preg_match( '#.php$#', $this->stub ) ? '.php' : '' );

Now I'm stuck with a 404 error (not a real 404, the 404 script generated one) on the generate static page link, which I'm having trouble tracking down as to the exact cause.

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