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regional settings bug

Started by on Dec 12, 2005 – Contents updated: Dec 12, 2005

Dec 12, 2005 23:19    

I have upgraded to 0.9.1b from and get the following errors

In antispam I get

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: list_antispam() in /home/xxxx/public_html/xxxx/admin/b2antispam.php on line 310

At this error nothing else on the page loads - this is quite urgent as spam is a problem at my site.

I have checked b2antispam.php and it does include the line

require_once (dirname(__FILE__).'/'.$admin_dirout.'/'.$core_subdir.'/_functions_antispam.php');

but obviously it isn't loading the _functions_antispam.php properly.

When I go to Settings::Regional I get

Warning: Division by zero in /home/xxxx/public_html/xxxx/admin/_set_regional.form.php on line 324

This bug is not a killer.

Any help is welcome!

Dec 12, 2005 23:36

What hacks did you have? If you had the 'antispam rechecker' hack that's the problem.

Dec 12, 2005 23:41

I may have had it, can't remember, but I completely wiped my old instalation when I upgraded, as per the instructions, so I shouldn't have any old code causing problems.

Dec 12, 2005 23:48

list_antispam() is the old way. list_antiSpam() is what my copy of .9.1b calls that function. admin/b2antispam.php line 310. I suggest grabbing a fresh copy of the zip and uploading everything in the admin and b2evocore folders again.

Dec 12, 2005 23:54

I installed from a fresh download, downloaded a couple of hours ago.

function list_antiSpam() is used in both b2antispam.php and _functions_antispam.php

Dec 13, 2005 00:09

Sorry, my bad, there was obviously some corruption when I uploaded the files to the server. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Still get the error on the regional settings tho.

$percent_done = round(($translated-$fuzzy/2)/$all*100);

gives divide by zero error

Dec 13, 2005 00:23

Just change that line to:

$percent_done = $all ? round(($translated-$fuzzy/2)/$all*100) : 0;

I'll fix it in CVS.

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