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Started by on Dec 09, 2005 – Contents updated: Dec 09, 2005

1 Dec 09, 2005 03:34    

When I click on the "[Request abuse update from centralized blacklist!] " link on the "Anti-Spam" tab on the admin panel, I do not get any errors but I also do not seem to get any updates.

I get the following:
Requesting abuse list from
Latest update timestamp: 2000-01-01 00:00:00

No response!


is this normal? Is there a way to update the tables that are related to the "blacklist"?

Right now, I'm running version: b2evo v - will updating to the new (dawn) show more entries?

Thanks in advance,


2 Dec 09, 2005 04:05

Updating to the dawn version will make your server love you like crazy, but it won't change what happens when you go for an antispam update. Based on what you pasted there I gotta ask if you've EVER gotten an antispam table update. There are like 3500 keywords right now, and you can't get but 999 of them at a time, and your time-stamp for your most recent update is the default value (Y2K drop-dead time).

Have you ever gotten an update from the antispam central? If so why is your blog showing the update stamp you get with installation? Hacks you've got perhaps?

3 Dec 09, 2005 04:46

I never updated the antispam table. I never even realized there was a link to updating this until recently. Also, i never really paid attention to the logs until recently when I got some "web cam invites" on one of my blogs, and then I started paying attention.

I'm going to work on the upgrade to Dawn this weekend, will this get me all those 3500 keywords?

Thanks a lot for your comments.

4 Dec 09, 2005 04:54

I can't say that the upgrade will get you the updates!!! They are unrelated, meaning any user should be able to get the full updates no matter what version they're running.

Sometimes the updater isn't available. Try from time to time and it'll come back (if this is the case). Once you get an update keep updating until you get only one keyword that is "not needed - already handled". That, and the fact that the before and after time stamps match, will tell you that you've got the entire blacklist working on your behalf.

If you're into hacking I suggest [url=]this hack[/url] since I wrote it ;) What it will do for you is give you an easy way to recheck every single keyword against your hitlog table, rather than checking them one-by-one.

BTW I haven't updated mine in a while. I am one of the admins for the antispam master list, so I have this little procedure I follow when I update my local copies. I'll get into that groove momentarily and let you know if I can get an update. If I can and you can't then we have to fix that problem.

EDIT: I can get the updates just fine. Therefore one must wonder why you can't.

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