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1 Dec 22, 2005 23:04    

Can you make it so we don't have to load the entire blacklist each time we update? I don't need to see the entire list and wait for it to load. Mine is huge.

2 Dec 22, 2005 23:15

What version are you running? If it's .9.1 then you might want to do my 'recheck' hack. It defaults to only showing the keywords that haven't been rechecked, meaning each update you'll see what gets added AND see them in the list, but after clicking "recheck all un-rechecked keywords" you won't see the full list again.

The hack is [url=]HERE[/url] and one day I should clean up some stupid 'features' in it, though I doubt I ever will. Phoenix will eventually become a non-alpha non-beta thing, so what I'll do is hack that and TRY to not add stupid features.

3 Dec 22, 2005 23:56

I just updated to the new stable version... I see this is taken care of. Sorry... ignore me today I'm out of it. :oops:

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