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1 Dec 24, 2005 17:11    

Note: This plugin is for b2evolution 1.6-alpha. I'll rerelease it once the beta is out.

The Most Comments plugin adds a box to the sidebar which displays links to the posts with most comments. You can use the params array to set the number of posts to list (along with whether you want to use an ordered list (default) or unordered and some other settings).

Installation is easy.

1. Download the file below, remove the .txt from the filename, then upload it to your plugins folder.

2. Add this code into your skin where you want the box to appear.

// MostComments plugin:
$Plugins->call_by_code( 'mostCmts', array(
                                        ) );
                                        // Add parameters in the array.

That's it. As always, feedback is welcome.

3 Mar 08, 2006 19:34

I'm trying to run this on my blog but I keep getting hit with the following error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /usr/local/4admin/apache/vhosts/ on line 187

(line 187 is where I put this code)

Any idea why this would happen?

4 Mar 08, 2006 20:19

What version of b2evolution are you using?

5 Mar 09, 2006 17:17

personman wrote:

What version of b2evolution are you using?

b2evo v

6 Mar 09, 2006 17:21

personman wrote:

Note: This plugin is for b2evolution 1.6-alpha.

Does that help?

8 Nov 05, 2006 15:07

Hello personman !!

I am using B2Evo V1.8.2 Serenity with the Plain skin

I've dowloaded the file, removed the '.txt', placed it in my plugins folder, and finally inserted the code where I wanted the box to appear..........but nothing!

Now I realise that it might be a B2evo version thingy, but I see that you are running it on your site, which runs on 1.8.2.

Did you have to change something, or am I missing something?

I would really appreciate if you could let me know which is please :)

Thank you

10 Nov 06, 2006 03:38

Thank you Personman !!!!!!!!!

It works beauty now :p


1. remove the .txt from the filename.


replace .txt by .php

for the simple people like me. :D


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