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1 Jan 04, 2006 06:49    

Is it possible to upload a file with a Post.

What I'm thinking is that like uploading an image to associate with a post users may wish to upload a file (word doc, pdf, spreadsheet, etc...)

Has anyone done this?

Appreciate any help on this one.


2 Jan 04, 2006 15:12

Yes, this is possible. You will need to add the filetypes that you want to allow. Here's how. Open /conf/_admin.php and find this line:

$fileupload_allowedtypes = ' jpg gif png ';

Add the filetypes you want like this:

$fileupload_allowedtypes = ' jpg gif png txt doc rtf';

In b2evolution 1.6 (not released yet) you'll be able to do this in the backoffice settings rather than in a config file.

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