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1 Dec 26, 2005 20:08    

Hi people,

I'd like to get a script that transforms some words in "linked words". An example will clarify: I write "Google" into the write tab, then I publish the post, and it will result in a link whose name is "Google" and it's linked to

Is it possible? :)

Thanks in advance,


3 Dec 27, 2005 23:26

I haven't yet tested it, but in the case it won't work with 1.6, are you planning to make it 1.6 compliant?

4 Dec 27, 2005 23:38

Yes, but maybe 1.7 compatible instead. Not sure how much difference there will be, but I'm not running 1.6 anywhere (I'm doing 1.6 + CVS) so it might be after alpha and beta.

5 Dec 28, 2005 10:52

As a result of my tentatives, I can now say: it doesn't work on Phoenix alpha.

I made these changes (yes, I'm php lamer):

if( !defined('DB_USER') )


if( !defined('EVO_MAIN_INIT') )

require_once dirname(__FILE__).'/../renderer.class.php';


require_once dirname(__FILE__).'renderer.class.php';

and also

require_once dirname(__FILE__).'/renderer.class.php';

$new_window = false;


$new_window = true;

(even if this is insignificant)

var $priority = 14;


var $priority = 80;

but no results at all.

I surrender, and hope you guru decide to make this fabulous script 1.6 compliant as soon as you can :)

6 Dec 28, 2005 15:06

It's way high on my list. I sorta liked it, so I'm sure to want it back again is why ;)

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