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1 Dec 29, 2005 23:36    

I'm building a module for the ATutor LMS ( so b2evolution can be used as a course level teaching tool along with the elearning environment. Everything's working fine so far as a module except that I'm unable to find a way to allow users to belong to multiple groups. Groups in our case being courses. So far students on the system can not have multiple blogs over mutliple courses.

Any suggestions?

3 Dec 30, 2005 19:15

This is not possible yet.

I've added it to our todo list. Let's hope that Fran├žois is positive about it.. :)

4 Jan 03, 2006 23:38

This is low priority to me. I'm not against it but you'll have to find someone who wants to implement this (petty tedious task).

You can however give permissions to people over all blogs/classes they should belong to by assigning individual permissions to people instead of group permissions.

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