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1 Jan 07, 2006 02:30    

Hi all. is up and running. Time will tell if it works or not eh? Anyway I figured I'd show it off here and see what y'all think. It's the 'freeflight' skin tweaked up to the 1.6 generation, and a wee bit of changes besides.

One issue I'm very unhappy with is how the link to b2evolution looks. Way down at the bottom of the footer. I snipped the code to do the color-gradient thing from the admin section but can't for the life of me figure out how to get the link to 'look' right in all conditions of linkage. It's got the underline now and gets a yellow highlight when mouseover happens. I want both to go away, but no matter what I try it stays the same. Blech. Icky. Blech.

Oh and since it's open to free flight pilots from here and there and everywhere I know I've got to tweak the skin to show blogger name and locale. Soon!

2 Jan 07, 2006 03:31

Hi EdB,

You can style the b2e link through your footer.css. At the bottom you have some .baseline2 rules. Change that to .baseline instead and it should work. The link itself is not part of .baseline2.

Keep up the good work!

3 Jan 07, 2006 15:35

Hi Nate. Thanks for the tip. I forgot I had the baseline2 in there - it was an attempt to get the link to look the way I wanted, failed, but did not remove. Anyway going in to clear it up made me have an aha moment. The rss 'buttons' have a class in the a tag, so I made up a class for "noeffects" and applied that class to the a tag for the "powered by" thing. Bingo! Also moved it over to the sidebar cuz I think it looks better over there.

A bit more tweaking and I'll have what I consider a workable 1.6 generation skin for a multiblogger environment. Now if only I could convince a couple of free flight pilots to sign up and start blogging :(

4 Jan 07, 2006 15:46

Yep, content is usually the more difficult proposition.

5 Jan 07, 2006 19:13

Hi EdB,

About the only suggestion I'd make is to "fix" the background so it doesn't scroll.

I'd have expected the background image to have a couple of successfully landing lemmings in it as well :|


ps. Does making paper airplanes count?

pps. the basline changes failed because you didn't have the dot before the classname, but I guessed you'd sort it after Nates post ;)

6 Jan 08, 2006 02:46

Cool. I'll fix the background. I kinda like fixed backgrounds so it's sort of surprising that I did one that way. Especially such a plain-jane background eh? Way back in the day I did an installation that used all sorts of flying pictures for backgrounds, but so far I'm still thinking on a skin I can submit to the skins site so I don't want to go too far down the pilot path. For now...

Assuming someone else bothers to post I want to remake the avatar plugin so's authors can get that personal touch. Also probably gonna use a 'big avatar' in the sidebar when viewing a single post, but that too is down the road a bit.

I flew today. Life is *good*!

7 Jan 08, 2006 20:16

I flew today. Life is *good*!

and the landing made it all worthwhile ;)


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