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1 Jan 07, 2006 01:02    

I just install the b2evolution 1.6-Alpha and is working fine no bugs and I like it better then my old one 0.9.1 ! thank you for the great blog.
Now I have a problem my blog is part of my gambling site, No not one of those spamming sites I don’t spam your comments or refer logs, I know from my other blog .
But I still have a problem, I can’t even come to b2evolution site form my site, I get the 403 Forbidden Please stop referrer spam page! Well I’m not a spammer and I like b2evo so now what?? This is my sites UPl: please don’t ban my site.



2 Jan 07, 2006 01:10

Way back when the text string "casino" was blacklisted. It was changed to "-casino." for a couple of reasons. That means the official blacklist no longer blacklists casino, but, that doesn't mean every blog out there (including b2evolution's blog) has taken the time to delete their antispam table AND reset the "latest update" field in their settings table AND gotten the new version of the full and complete antispam list.

Doesn't help much I guess, but it's the facts as I know them. Knowledge, even if it doesn't fix the issue, is better than a lack of information eh?

3 Jan 07, 2006 02:31

To be honest with you I didn’t updated mine either, at my other b2evo site I banned all the words that had anything to do with gambling, drags and sex!
You know this reminds me of my time in the service one person looked the wrong way the whole platoon did ten pushups.
Well if any spamming webmasters read my post, give me ten. and find an other job!


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