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0.9.1 putting 5 blank lines in front of the RSS feed

Started by on Jan 23, 2006 – Contents updated: Jan 23, 2006

Jan 23, 2006 05:42    

since I upgraded to 0.9.1
when I pull the RSS feed
0.9.1 is putting 5 blank lines in front of the RSS feed
this creates problems when I am using a function to use the feed to pull content into my website.

I am getting the following error on my website:
MX_RssReader Error
The RSS feed is not a valid XML. (Parse error: xml declaration not at start of external entity at line 6)

When we manually delete the 5 blank lines - we no longer get the error.

Is there anyway to get b2e 0.9.1 to stop putting the 5 blank lines at the beginning of the RSS file.

1. The version of b2evolution that you're using. 0.9.1
2. you can see the problem by hitting a link to any rss feed on the page
for instance:
if you view source, you will see the 5 blank lines.
3. Any hacks or modifications that you're using. NONE
4. It worked fine before I upgraded to 0.9.1

5. Anything unusual about your host/website/etc. (For example, if you're using IIS, or an unusual version of PHP or MySQL, etc.)
php 4.3.9-3.9
mysql 4.1.12-3.RHEL4.1

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