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Regular expression in post

Started by on Jan 26, 2006 – Contents updated: Jan 26, 2006

Jan 26, 2006 00:01    


Dunno which version i actually use, there is no README or VERSION included (got only the uploaded directory on my ftp)

I tryed post a new blog-entry with following lines:


:0 c
* ^Subject:.*\/.*
    :0 ih
    * ^From: .*\/[^<]*                                                #<-- error line
    | echo "$SUBJECT from $MATCH" | $ONSCREEN

Error msg:

Parser error: not well-formed (invalid token) near * ^From: .*\/[^< ]*

i tryed it in <code> and <pre>.

did i miss anything or just a bug?

vewrsion string of _admin.php:
* Last significant changes to this file: version


Jan 26, 2006 00:09

Sticke post No new posts Global Announcement: 0.9.1 : Dawn

didnt exist (iam so warm atm)

Jan 26, 2006 02:09

It's because of the "<", just write it as &lt;

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