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PLUGIN EVENT REQUEST: ProcessExtraCommentFormField

Started by on Jan 25, 2006 – Contents updated: Jan 25, 2006

Jan 25, 2006 02:51    

In combination with my "DisplayExtraCommentFormField" event this will be used for a comment captcha plugin. This should go in the backend htsrv/comment_post.php and allow me to prevent a comment from being posted if I send an error such as: errors_add('Error: You have not entered the correct authorization code.');

I would like an official developer to comment on this and greenlight it before proceeding.

Jan 25, 2006 20:38

This will be done slightly different.

In Comment::dbinsert() a karma-collecting event (GetKarmaForComment) will be triggered.

You would modify the karma and the core decides what to do with it. Of course, you could add karma_max += 10 and karma_absolute += 0 which would make up a 1/11 karma if yours is the only plugin (because of starting with 1/1).

The defaults threshold settings would delete it then.

Jan 25, 2006 21:03

Excellent, I like the Karma idea! Sort of a take on SpamAssassin message scores. The ability to run multiple tests on a message will be appreciated as comment spam becomes more sophisticated.

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