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Getting to know more about Phoneix-Alpha (urgent)

Started by on Jan 25, 2006 – Contents updated: Jan 25, 2006

Jan 25, 2006 05:31    

hi there,

This message is pointing out to all the developers that have made Phoenix possible :). I am posting this on behalf of my company, which will be using Phoenix as underlying foundation for our newly design blog. Therefore there are a few issues I need to clarify with you guys before we advance and developing it and hopefully you guys would help me by answering the questions below:-

1. Is Phoenix-Alpha compatible with with MySQL 4.0 or MySQL 4.1? if not MySQL 4.0 why or what are the specific functions that you guys have used?

2. What are the outstanding bugs or errors that I can still find in Phoenix-Alpha?

3. Is the normal operation of general "blogger" user group okey?

Thanks you for your time.

Pak Loong

Jan 25, 2006 07:09

This is in answer to your question #1. I am using Phoenix with MySQL 4.1.12a and the only problem I had was an incompatibility with PHP 4.4.2 MySQL 4.1 uses an advanced authorization protocol not supported by PHP 4, so I had to set old passwords:


mysql> SET PASSWORD FOR 'some_user'@'some_host' = OLD_PASSWORD('newpwd');


Once I had this problem bypassed, it was smooth sailing.

Fritz Schneider
Sunnyvale, CA

Jan 25, 2006 17:13

There are no critical bugs really in alpha, the most annoying probably that viewing a post changes it's datemodified field because the change of the "views" field.

I've also found some (minior) security issues yesterday, but that can only be exploited by an backoffice user.

Of course, we've fixed several bugs since the Alpha and enhanced the Plugins system once more dramatically. If you have some days, I'd wait for the beta release.

About MySQL: AFAIK it's still compatible to MySQL 3.23..

The third question is not really clear to me.

Jan 26, 2006 11:00

Thanks for replying. After listen to your advice then I shall wait for the beta version for furture evaluation. Thanks you again.

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