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Bugs in comments - comments for the wrong post [fixed]

Started by on Jan 26, 2006 – Contents updated: Jan 26, 2006

Jan 26, 2006 16:05    

If you use an itemlist in a skin, it appears that the comments get confused. The skins/_feedback.php page uses a side effect to get the post id, not the right way.

To Fix:

skins/_feedback.php line 90 change to:


$CommentList = & new CommentList( 0, implode(',', $type_list), array(), $Item->ID, '', 'ASC' );

Another comments bug is that if comments are disabled for the blog as a whole, it still says "No comments on this post yet", which is silly.

To fix, line 52


if( $Item->can_see_comments() && $Blog->allowcomments != "never" )

Jan 26, 2006 21:07

Thanks for the fix. I'll commit it.

I've applied the [[$Blog->allowcomments != "never"]] patch to Item::can_see_comments() directly though.

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