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1 Feb 05, 2006 22:12    

Hack Details:
The Unsigned Band Web has just finished a custom hack allowing your bloggers to feature unsigned music from the Unsigned Band Web on their b2evolution blogs! The hack is very simple to install and all the songs are hosted on OUR servers so they don't eat up your bandwidth! This is our first b2evolution release, all comments appreciated.

This block was designed on b2evolution Phoenix Alpha, but should be compatible with older versions.

You can download the hack instructions from:

About the Unsigned Band Web:
We are an unsigned music community that promotes unsigned bands from all over the world. We are currently home to over 4,000 bands and over 7,000 songs. We support all genre's of music.

Visit our home page at:

3 Feb 06, 2006 12:43

bd80599 wrote:

Easy as falling off of a log.

Great hack! (it is at the bottom of the page)

Looks great! Matches your theme very well!!! Thanks for promoting unsigned music!

One small request, somehow the 'name' got mispelled 'unsigned bamd web' should be 'unsigned band web'.

Thanks again!!!

4 Feb 06, 2006 15:55

Okay I'm there. It'll take a while cuz I'm doing the CVS thing and got lotsa problems to straighten out, but this is on my Must Do list!

When I'm done it'll be a plugin for the next generation of b2evo.

5 Feb 07, 2006 05:39

That's awesome! Thanks for your support. I really appreciate your interest.

Take care,

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