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1 Feb 11, 2006 08:56    

Yer could we get a another login button that says 'Login straight to Backoffice' or something similiar so:

[Login] [Login to Backoffice]

Coz if i bother logging in it means im gonna do a post, and it really ennoys me having to go back to the skin and then to the backoffice.


2 Feb 11, 2006 13:18

if( !is_logged_in() ) echo '<a href="'.$admin_url.'">Login to admin</a>';


3 Feb 11, 2006 13:28

that was not what i was requesting.

In the login form, i wish to have another button that logs in directly to backoffice.

4 Feb 11, 2006 13:55

I assume you didn't try it in your skin?


5 Feb 12, 2006 01:13

Yer but i'm not requesting it in my skin!
I'm requesting it on the login page!

Otherwise it would not be a feature request!

6 Feb 12, 2006 02:46

I like this idea quite a bit. 99% of the time I'm logging in is because I need to get to the backoffice, not just view my blog.

7 Feb 12, 2006 15:28

I've also found me often clicking the skin's Login link and then scrolling down to click "Admin" afterwards and therefor often thought "Just add an extra button there".

After reading this here, I've just done it.. :)

Just committed and should be in the beta.

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