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mailto = Invalid URL error!?

Started by on Feb 13, 2006 – Contents updated: Feb 13, 2006

Feb 13, 2006 17:44    

Ok, now this is weird, I'm just trying to put in a normal email link:


<a href="">email link</a>

When I click "Save" - I get "Found invalid URL: Invalid URL"


Feb 16, 2006 05:25

Note: this is using 1.6!

Can someone PLEASE help me!? Even if to turn off the HTML checker!? I need this to work. Thanks

Feb 16, 2006 05:30

I fought that battle extensively. Ended up hacking two files, but have since thrown the hack away because I'm trying to be hack-free. Ended up realizing that the problem MIGHT be due to trying to make text be a mailto link. Try, if you're okay with it, just doing blahblah@blahblah.tld and see if you get a mailto link out of it.

You might not!

Can't hurt to try though eh?

I'll see if I can resurrect my ugly CVS hackage that let me do a linked mailto.

Feb 16, 2006 10:35

plugins/_bbcode.plugin.php uncomment the following lines :-


//  '#\[email](.+?)\[/email]#eis',    // E-mail
                  //  '#\[email=(.+?)](.+?)\[/email]#eis'
                  //  '<a href=\"mailto:$1\">$1</a>',    // E-mail
                  //  '<a href="mailto:$1">$2</a>'



Feb 16, 2006 20:01

Hey guys ... thanks for your replies ... Edb, please send me your hack, just placing the email address (without html coding) doesn't work ... nor did the uncommenting Yabba suggested.


Feb 16, 2006 20:16

I should have been a tad clearer, uncomment the lines I posted and then use [email =]name[/email] or [email][/email] and tick the box (lower right of posting page) marked "bb code"


Feb 16, 2006 20:33

Hold up, BB Code plugin wasn't installed .... now it is tho ... however, when I create a new post, check the BBCode checkbox ... it still displays it as text. Doesn't convert into an email link ....

Yabba - thank you so much for trying to help me!

Are you sure you're referencing version 1.6? Because I don't see anywhere a checkbox to allow bbcode (like this forum does).

Feb 16, 2006 21:03

ok, so I just disabled the $use_html_checker = 0; in "_formatting.php" (in the conf directory). I enabled the $use_security_checker so hopefuly I don't get hacked or anything.

Feb 17, 2006 00:15

Check the mailto links on my spamtrap running on 1.6 alpha.

Once you've made the changes (and installed) the bb code plugin, you'll find a checkbox at the very lower right of your admin > write page (same place as smilies and all the other renderers). If you tick it then the code will be rendered as mailto links without having to disable your html checker.


May 10, 2006 19:16


if i uncomment the 4 relevant lines in _bbcode.plugin.php, upload and install it, then preview a new post with


(bbcode box ticked) in the content, the post does not display, and neither does any of the page which follows

what might i be doing wrong?

ideally i would like to be able to use


<a href="">email</a>
- i assume this isn't possible?



May 13, 2006 12:05

ah yes, thanks stk, i'll give it a go!


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