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Keywords, hidden posts and categories, sorting categories

Started by on Feb 22, 2006 – Contents updated: Feb 22, 2006

Feb 22, 2006 21:08    

I am using b2evolution for a few days now, but I thik there are 3 small important things that b2evolution still does not have:

1. I can't specify the keywords for each post.
2. I can't make a post visible in the selected category but hidden in other pages.
3. I can't make a category hidden.

- Keywords are important for search engines.
- With posts visible only in their category, users can create something like static pages directly from the backoffice, assigning only one particular post to one particular category (so I could crate easly a "Who am I" page).
- Could be nice to make hidden categories, for hidden I mean that the category should not show up when links to categories index are listed.

one more thing... could be nice to manually sort categories

b2evolution is a great software...

thanks to all devs

Feb 22, 2006 22:11

Another feature that could be added is the creation of posts that don't have any category assigned. A user could have this posts listed as links in the side bar, just as if they ware category. This could be used instead of point 2: "I can't make a post visible in the selected category but hidden in other pages."

And... a user should be able to contol the order of this posts.

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