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Blog via Email not working?

Started by on Feb 25, 2006 – Contents updated: Feb 25, 2006

Feb 25, 2006 23:13    

Phoenix can connect to the POP server and login; however, I'll get this if I try to view the message:

Connecting to pop server...
Logging into pop server...

Getting message #1...


Subject: test

Content-type: text/plain, boundary:

Raw content:
testy mc test.

Login: testy mc test., Pass:

Wrong login or password.

Any ideas?

Mar 03, 2006 19:04

c|ever ...

Have a read here for a tad more detail on v1.6 problems with blogging-via-email ...

I've noticed differences depending on the originating email service (tested Yahoo! Mail and gMail ... two very popular online email accounts).

You might add your email client used.

Although I offered to help by sending the developers copies of the emails (to help sort out differences and to make the blogging-by-email more robust), to date, I've not heard anything.

My fear is that none of the developers really use blogging-by-email and that it's not a very high priority.

We need to send a message that it's an IMPORTANT part of the blogging system!! (We were on a 6-month wilderness hike from Mexico to Canada and really DEPENDED on blog-by-email to keep our readers informed of our adventure and progress).


Oct 24, 2007 22:18

It's a pretty old thread, but I've been experiencing a similar problem, have you found a solution yet?

Oct 25, 2007 01:27

Admittedly, blog-by-email isn't a feature we utilize. I've not had the time to look deeper into the issue, though ... last I heard ... blog-by-email DOES work in the newest versions of b2evo.

I'd highly recommend using the most simple of POP3 email accounts (to test and get it working). Once connection success is achieved and you've learned how to fly the plane right ... testing against other email accounts might be easier.

(My experience is that it takes a tad to get the first post through ... then ... once you've got a work-flow ... you can change the variables).

Hope this helps.

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