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1 Mar 03, 2006 19:30    


By searching the aggregate blog (blog_all -or- blog #1), a search can be widened across ALL of your blogs. Add the code below to your search form to do this:

<input type='hidden' name='blog' value='1' />

One can also restrict searches to specific categories (or main categories and their subcategories) by using the code below

<input type='hidden' name='cat' value='25,32,48' />  // main cats (25, 32 & 48) AND all their subcats (if any).
<input type='hidden' name='catsel' value='25,32,48' />  // main cats only


The "cat=" search doesn't work in either v1.6 (alpha) or v1.8 (CVS). BUG! The search returns ONLY POSTS in the MAIN CAT (skipping any posts in the subcats), even though the TITLES correctly indicate that the subcats have been searched.

VERIFY: Unfortunately, there are no subcat entries on the CVS v1.8 demo blog. :roll: BUT ... if you make an entry in Blog B (assign it to MAIN CAT== FUN and subcat==sports). Include the word "broken" ... and then conduct the following searches, you'll see that the "cat=" search is not finding the post in the subcategory, EVEN THOUGH, the TITLE indicates that the subcat has been searched. :'(

Verify the entry exists

Verify the bug: (Doesn't show entry, but SHOULD "CAT=" bug subcat listing is correct)

Verify the title: (Correct "CATSEL" return - main cat title only)
Hope this helps.

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