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1 Mar 05, 2006 19:11    

I was wondering if there is a way to allow links in my blog to sites such as which happens to be on the spam blacklist. I assume I could remove it and be able to post links to them (I like to link to interesting downloads) but other then that is there a way to do it? I mena Allowing them in the actual blog posts, not just comments, and I assume allowing them in posts would alow them in comments as well. Any ideas?

2 Mar 05, 2006 19:36

Sorry, but as far as I know the only way to do that is to unban the specific keyword causing the headache. You can leave it unbanned and you'll never get it from the centralized list again BTW.

I think it'd make a nice feature though. A prompt that says "this link is banned by the antispam list. do you want to link to it anyway?". I think I submitted it as a feature request but can't find it right now.

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