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1 Mar 26, 2006 14:46    

Hi, there. I just ran into something that's either a security feature, or I don't know. But just verify my sanity for me please?

Problem: I take an old post that's a review of a BSD distro and another that reviews a GNU/HURD distro and copy them into my B2evo blog. When I go to preview it, it gives me a "not acceptable" error and my server sayd there's no such page, etc.

After HOURS of fiddling with this, cutting and pasting posts, paragraphs, sentences, words, and characters, it comes down to the words "gcc" or "/root/" are triggering the error. If I obfuscate the words (i.e. "gcc-C compiler" or "in the root directory") the problem goes away.

So, is this a B2evo security feature against buffer attacks? And if so, where can I find the list of naughty words so I can do a script to check for them and replace?

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