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Default category for blogger-API clients

Started by on Mar 28, 2006 – Contents updated: Mar 28, 2006

Mar 28, 2006 15:42    


I've tested a default installation of b2evolution-1.6-2005-11-25 with Ecto 2.4.1 and MarsEdit 1.1.2, using Blogger API XMLRPC. Neither of the clients have 'category' setting/field. I got same error 'Requested category does not exist.'. MarsEdit has an RPC console window, and it doesn't send any <console> tags to the server.

I've got a category which has ID=1. I've found out that bloggernewpost( $m ) invokes xmlrpc_getpostcategory($content), or it uses global $default_category if xmlrpc_getpostcategory($content) returns false. However, it looks that $default_category may not work. Once I made it use hardcoded 1, it passed OK and published the post.

There can be more clients that don't support categories. Would you please check how/where $default_category is set? Also, there seems to be no admin interface to set that default category - maybe that's causing the problem.

Could default category be set on per-user or per-blog bases, please?

Thank you

Mar 28, 2006 17:16

The default category for any given blog is the lowest category number in that blog. I sort of thought it was alphabetical but maybe that was an older version of something I hacked. Anyway in my 1.7 CVS installation each blog defaults to the lowest cat number. I think there's been a couple of times the request has been made to allow the user to select a default category for each blog, which is why I think this should be moved to the 'feature request' forum. In other words: where's the bug?

EDIT: moved from 'bugs' to 'feature requests'

Mar 29, 2006 00:55

EdB, the bug is that the global $default_category disappeared somehow. It has been 1 or something before probably.

peter_kehl, you can fix this by adding


$default_category = X;
in one of the conf files, perhaps in /conf/hacks.php (create it, if it does not exist yet).

Be sure to use PHP tags around it, so it gets executed.

Mar 29, 2006 01:05

In that case I better move it back!

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