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1 Apr 03, 2006 19:42    

Okay guys just installed and not sure if this is a normal feature.

New test posts working fine, however when I try to add an image here is what happens

Image uploads fine, checked via ftp, it is there
page source prints out fine
<p><img src="http://loc/scarab.jpg" width="247" height="295" alt="Scarab Test" /></p>

However the only thing printing to the actual page is the alt text. No image.

Trying to access the image directly gives a 403 error, a side effect that b2evolution flags I am guessing.

Someone want to tell me if this is standard and if it is how to clear it out?

2 Apr 03, 2006 19:58

Figured part of this out

it is chmod to 600 instead of 666 during upload, which limits the ability to reference it.

Anyone know where this is coded?

3 Apr 03, 2006 20:16

Found it while working on modifying the upload process, actually already there so posting for anyone else working on it.

Go to admin/b2upload.php

Do a search for chmod

You will find the code chmod-ing the files to 0644 has been commented out in two locations (on mine anyways)

The commenting out code consists of a "/*" to start the comment and a "*/" to end it.

Delete these four bits and reload the file, good to go.

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