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Title or ALT for blogroll items

Started by on Feb 17, 2004 – Contents updated: Feb 17, 2004

Feb 17, 2004 13:08    

Hi everybody,

Just as the topic says, how to implement?

Feb 17, 2004 15:27

What would you have in the title="" ? The post title?


Feb 18, 2004 05:56

Nay...i.e no,... damn. Yes. This way I could have a post title as the link, so when you hover the mouse on the link, the title for the <a href"link"> usualy poups up (should be the same as implemented in quicktags <link> function)
e.g. <a href=" title="mg's eng blog">My English blog</a>

Feb 18, 2004 12:10

I don't really understand what you're asking for, but it should work to put the post contents in the title="" if you want that. Eg. you post a post with Title: My English blog, Link: yadayada.php, Text: mg's English blog. How about that?


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