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"Always on top" post?

Started by on Feb 25, 2004 – Contents updated: Feb 25, 2004

Feb 25, 2004 02:15    

Hi all. I first went down the blog path with graymatter but since that host didn't like it or offer alternatives I switched hosts and decided to install b2evolution instead. One thing that I miss from graymatter though is the ability to keep one post on top of the blog in violation of the standard reverse-chronological order. Once I have time to play again I'll be adding my 'fixed' text by just entering it in the stub above the code that makes posts show up, but it would be really nice if it was a feature in the back office. It would simplify the desire or need to occasionally update the text. Thanks, and have fun!

Feb 26, 2004 04:36

ah, yes.. i am thinking of wanting this feature too.

Feb 26, 2004 13:00

A possible answer - because it will not be inplemented in the very near future.

You can create a blog which you don't show on you main page.
Like the blogrolling feauture, you show only 1 post. and you put that on the top of your page.

On my site you can see that I did that with a lot of articles.
In the sidebars I have a lot of 'default' articles, everyone in a different catagory.
They change every week, because every week I put a new article in (I do that in advance because I put the posts in, in the future.

If it is something like that that you want, look in the code of my page or page me... I'll post the right code..

Dec 24, 2004 04:03

Hi Topanga,

I did what you said here to display one post always on top. Everything works fine except when click read more of the posts on the main blog, the more contents also displays.

Please see the page here:
and click one of the 'read it' link under any posts except the top one to see the result displayed.

Could you please let me know how to display only the short discription of the post of the link blog, or even not disply it? Is it possible?

Many thanks!!

Dec 24, 2004 04:12

Sorry, I've just realized this post is in the Feature reguest section. Maybe it's not good to post my question here. Apolagize first, but still need help on this! Please!!

Dec 24, 2004 13:20

I don't understand exactly want you want.

If people click on 'read more' the 'more' text is shown... * offcourse*

I do this :

<?php $saved_blog = $blog; $blog = 3; 	?>
		  // You can restrict to specific categories by listing them in the two params below: '', array()
		  // '', array(9,15) will restrict to cats 9 and 15
		  // '9,15', array() will restrict to cats 9,15 and all their subcats
		  $BlogBList = new ItemList( $blog,  $show_statuses, '', $m, $w, '', array(5), $author, $order, $orderby, $posts, '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '1', 'posts', $timestamp_min, $timestamp_max );
		  while( $Item = $BlogBList->get_item() ) { ?>
		  <?php permalink_anchor(); ?>
          <a href="<?php permalink_link() ?>" title="Permanent link to full entry"><?php $Item->title(); ?></a>
				<?php $Item->content('#',false,'','','','','htmlbody',10); ?>
		  <?php } $blog = $saved_blog; ?>

I put 1 article from blog 3 with only the title and the short content.
If you click on 'read more' the article opens in his own page (I work with stub files) completely.

Dec 24, 2004 14:20

Topanga wrote:

I don't understand exactly want you want.

If people click on 'read more' the 'more' text is shown... * offcourse*

Yes, the thing is when click read more of article A, the more contents of article B also shows.

Please see my site:

For example, if you click "read it" under the article of "Design as Communication", you'll see the more contents of "editor's comentary" also shows.

Please click it, you'll see what I mean!

Many thanks!

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