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1 May 29, 2006 11:00    

I installed som update for the antispam function of some kind a few weeks ago.
I can't find the topic again, so I don't remember which codes i changed.

Anyways. Now I've got problems when adding a picture to my posts.

When i save, I get this error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: antispam_url() in /home/helgec/public_html/b2evocore/_functions.php on line 1082

Anyone got a brilliant solution?


2 May 29, 2006 18:02

Was the upgrade [url=]this one[/url] by any chance? AFAIK that's the only official upgrade, unless you mean you installed a hack and upgraded to 0.9.2, but if that's the case your upgrade would have (probably) wiped out the hack.

I thought for sure someone else pointed out a solution relative to "antispam_url" function but I sure can't find it now. That problem did not refer to an issue with uploading images though. FWIW I've searched b2evocore/_functions.php for "antispam_url" in both 0.9.1b and 0.9.2 and came up with no match.

What version are you running? How much modification have you done with your installation?

3 May 30, 2006 12:24

I'm running installed by Fantastico.

I installed an advanced image uploader a long time ago, and have modified my skin.
And now this antispam hack.

4 May 30, 2006 20:03

By "this hack" do you mean the one I linked to? If so then there does seem to be a problem with that upgrade on installations. Following through the comments on that thread it seems that a couple of people have found ways to deal with it.

Comment from: Jason [Visitor] ยท
I undid the changes I made to implement 'option 3' and instead implemented 'option 2.' It seems to work in version Maybe it's time for me to upgrade again.

Jason had the same error message you have - the one with line 1082 in it.

Comment from: Mark [Visitor]
With the following error, I changed antispam_url to antispam_check on line 211. Seems to work fine now.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: antispam_url() in /hsphere/local/home/svanderm/ on line 211

Mark then explains he too is running the version you have, but he was getting a different error message.

You REALLY should consider upgrading. Dawn (0.9.1) is so much better about reducing the load on your server, and Sparkle (0.9.2) is the latest (and last?) official release in the .9.* series.

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