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1 Jun 05, 2006 22:31    


I went to--- and used solution #3 and now I'm getting the following message when I try and enter keywords in the antispam section---
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: antispam_url() in /home/cookingb/public_html/evolve/admin/b2antispam.php on line 211

my version is b2evo v and not 9.1 so did I make a mistake using #3

Thanks JJV

2 Jun 05, 2006 22:43

moved, not really an install-related question :)

4 Jun 05, 2006 23:52


Will I need to reinstall v because I uploaded a new_functions-antispam.php file and I need the one that was overwritten?

If I download the newest version and upload it to my ISP do thay need to do anything on there end to make it work since is part of their Fantastico package?



5 Jun 06, 2006 00:24

No - you can go straight from your modified installation to 0.9.2 (or any other release with a higher version number). Just be sure to backup your conf/_config.php file, your "skins/yourskin" folder if you customized it, and your "media" folder. Now edit your new conf/_config.php file so it has the info from the old one (7 lines get edited), delete all the b2evolution files from your server, upload all the new ones. Go to yourdomain/yourpath/install/index.php and tell it you are upgrading. Upload all your images and whatever to your "media" folder again, and test it out. After you see it's all working with the 'custom' skin go ahead and upload your skin to the "skins" folder and see if there are any details that need fixing.

As long as you're going up in number it'll automagically take care of everything for you.

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