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1 May 30, 2006 05:08    

Anyone else getting these?

It's a spam with a random number (460794 this last time on mine), the words "Blog Verification", and a url to a non-existant web address.

I've gotten about 20-25 of them today alone. I'm about ready to start blocking them by IP (all of them have been in the 82.146.99.* range so far).

2 May 30, 2006 05:39

Comment or referer or trackback spam? Either way, if you've got a consistent IP address and feel confident blocking it won't block real traffic and do not have any personal objection to blocking IP addresses (or ranges) then by all means block the IP!!! Also report the hell out of the fake domain, especially if it's a varying subdomain on a reasonably stable domain name. We might not publish it, but we might if it seems like something that will protect the user base from spam.

3 May 30, 2006 13:17

just woke up and logged in. 138 more since i posted last night. all coming from

its trackback spam, btw... heres a copy...

Trackback from: 230819 Blog Verification ( [Visitor] ยท Edit
230819 Blog Verification
Permalink 05/30/06 @ 01:24
New trackback on your post #532 "Nobody Girl - by Dionedes"

Website: 230819 Blog Verification (IP: ,
Url: ( <- edit by whoo to break spammy link
<strong>230819 Blog Verification</strong><br />230819

4 May 30, 2006 13:36

Heya Cuddles,

Sorry for your troubles, but please dont re-post spammy urls on the forum so that they end up as links :( That just gives em more of what they want.


5 May 30, 2006 13:40

sorry whoo. havent had my meds yet, so the brain no worky.

anyway, the url is dead every time... "host not found" and all that.

6 May 30, 2006 19:36

I wonder if the antispam central system works on trackbacks? I'm pretty sure it does, so you should be banning/reporting/deleting them even though it seems like it'll take forever. How about the IP block? Did you block it and are you still getting TB spam from it? I don't know that much about how trackbacks work so it's possible an IP block won't block trackbacks. Anyone know about that?

Personally I turned off trackbacks on all my blogs, which ends up meaning I'm not motivated to fight that particular battle.

The only hack I know of that works against trackback spammers is [url=]item 2 in this thread[/url]. Unfortunately it'll only work against the spammers who assume htsrv is named htsrv. Smarter spammers check your page, so you would want to change the name every now and again. Notice what item 1 is?


Here's a thought for anyone out there who knows how to do this stuff:

$doubleCheckReferers = 0;		// Set to 1 to enable double checking

I wonder if there is a way to make trackbacks take advantage of this bit even if it's set to 0? I think it would make the blogger's server work harder when it blocks stuff, but might it also block real trackbacks in the trackback is sent before the post is posted? Just a thought...

7 May 31, 2006 01:53

Blocked by IP, and while it's let up some, it's not stopped entirely, which leads me to believe they're spoofing the addy.

I'll try the other fixes tonight.

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