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1 Jun 15, 2006 00:03    

Someone submitted baidu, China's largest search engine, as referrer spam. It's pulling the 403 error message introduced in Sparkle. Why anybody would submit baidu to the main spam database is beyond me, but I'm not pulling antispam updates until it gets fixed. Baidu is not referrer spam. It's 50% of my legitimate traffic.

2 Jun 15, 2006 04:39

Where to begin? Submission isn't the same as publication. has been published for almost a year. You can locally unban any published keyword. Threatening to not play until the world works your way is childish.

3 Jun 15, 2006 20:01

Ah, yes, Ed. The world revolves around me.

I simply said I wasn't going to pull antispam updates. Precisely how do I threaten anyone or anything by not employing the central b2e spammer database? Should I not have used myself as an example of what I believe other b2e users should do, because it is somehow threatening?

I do not see warning other b2e users that one of the top three search engines and fourth highest traffic-generating site on the planet is producing links to 403 errors on b2e blogs because of spam updates from the b2e server as childish, nor do I believe problem denial for the sake of playing with someone you've mistaken for a net newbie is particularly constructive, whether or not you think it's hip to inaccurately throw around "childish" like it's still 1996 and you're part of a Usenet cabal.

Which do you think is more likely to help someone else learn about the significance of baidu being in their local spam database, my warning here, or the average b2e user having ESP?

I'll clarify for anyone not looking to just start shiznit with the new guy: Baidu being in the spam database doesn't matter if you're using a .91 installation, because the 403 error on referrer spam was introduced in .92. Baidu isn't going to show up as comment or trackback spam, but it will definitely show up as a referrer. So, my suggestion is that you either don't download updates from the central spam database, or if you know how, modify the b2e code to strip baidu from the local spam table after doing an update. Otherwise, you'll have to manually remove baidu from your local spam table after each update, or risk losing a percentage of traffic from people not especially fluent in whatever language your 403 error appears. Baidu controls search in China right now and many of the terms Chinese people enter into the baidu search engine are in English. Baidu produces 90% of the traffic on my music blog and 50% of the traffic on my art blog. The potential traffic loss for blogs with less universal subject matter will probably be less.

4 Jun 15, 2006 20:49

I think this is all just a misunderstanding. Migal, you can unban any keyword you want in your local blacklist and continue to get antispam updates. You'll only get new items, not old items that you have unbanned locally. So, there's no reason to stop updating the antispam list. You did the right thing in letting us know that there's something on the blacklist that you don't think should be there. Whether or not you update your own antispam list is irrelevant to the discussion.

As EdB said, it wasn't just one person submitting the keyword. Submitted keywords just go into a queue where they are reviewed and good keywords are published. "Good" generally means that it's been reported by a bunch of people, not just one. So, chances are, someone really was spamming with that url sometime last year. People spam with google urls and various other legitimate urls all of the time. The difference is, we probably didn't know that it was a real search engine.

Just to clarify, removing any keyword from your local blacklist is easy. It doesn't require modifying the software. Just click the green checkmark icon next to the keyword and you're all set.

5 Jun 15, 2006 22:06

Actually all you have to do is click the green check-mark next to any entry you don't want blocked. That's what I meant by "unban". It's a feature built in to a feature that you're free to use or not use. Therefore for you to say

...modify the b2e code to strip baidu from the local spam table after doing an update...

is completely wrong.'ll have to manually remove baidu from your local spam table after each update...

shows that you do not understand how the system works. As personman already stated, you will NOT get a keyword you already got and decided to unban (using the extremely simple method of 'clicking a check mark'). Put another way: The system does not synchronize databases. We don't pull keywords you've banned locally and chose to not report, and we don't force keywords on you that you've decided to unban.

Why anybody would submit baidu to the main spam database is beyond me...

Beginning with 0.9.1 - a release that happened 2 months after '' was published - visiting hits got matched against the antispam list before being compared against the list of known search engine spiders. Before 0.9.1 traffic from that search engine was included in the search engine traffic before hits were compared against your local antispam table. Even so, many users saw fit to report it from their referer traffic. I therefore suppose people would report it because IT SHOWED UP IN THEIR REFERER TRAFFIC AND NOT IN THEIR SEARCH ENGINE TRAFFIC!!!

...I'm not pulling antispam updates until it gets fixed

is an ultimatum and an ultimatum is an implied threat. it's still 1996 and you're part of a Usenet cabal

is an insult not worthy of discussion.

...nor do I believe problem denial for the sake of playing with someone you've mistaken for a net newbie is particularly constructive...

The problem is not your experience with the internet. The problem is your ignorance regarding how the antispam system evolved to where it is today and how it actually operates, and, that you've not taken a moment of time to ask about things before issuing childish ultimatums (aka threats) and insults.

Good Day!

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1. You accept the administrators of's judgement about whether a certain entry should be blacklisted or not.
2. You will not complain about the keywords and domains listed in the central blacklist. You will not file suit against the administrators of if your domain is blocked by an entry in the central blacklist.
3. These terms of service may be changed without notice.

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