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1 Jun 21, 2006 16:21    

so I got everything installed and I am able to log in and delete and make posts but when i go to my blog and click on blog a or b or blog all then i get this error...

Not Found
The requested URL /b2evolution/blogs/blog_a.php was not found on this server.

Please help me :'(

2 Jun 21, 2006 17:32

You've set up your blogs in the backoffice to use stub files. If you do that you have to create the stub files. Copy a_stub.php to blog_a.php and edit it to match the blog id number for blog a. Then do the same for blog all and blog b. Stub files are a bit advanced, so if you don't want to create and edit the files, just change the Access Paramenters (in the blog tab) to use index.php instead of stubs.

3 Jun 21, 2006 23:30

thank you it works! :)

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