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1 Jun 28, 2006 18:57    

b2evolution is available from my web hoster..I've dl'ed it and created a user name, pass....but I can't find the http to post into my external page area of my website builder. What's the link to type in there? Some page my have told me but of course I don't read..and just skip through until I see finished!

2 Jun 28, 2006 21:15

Hello and welcome to the forum. Normally b2evolution sits on your server wherever you put it. Usually that means you uploaded it to a folder on your server using FTP, but if your webhost installed it, then I can't say for sure where they put it. Some guesses would be or If you can log in with ftp and take a look you might find where it's stored. Post a link to your site and I'll help you look for it if you like. If all else fails, you may want to ask you webhost where they put it.

Good luck and have fun blogging.

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