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1 Jul 02, 2006 06:26    

In firefox it is possible to add the locales;
English [en]
French [fr]

Without the country specifics.

Now say if the blogs locale is en-au, we are using http locale as 1st preference, and the user's http locale is [fr] (like above).

Then it will scan for [fr] but not find it as there is no country code.
So the blogs locale will be used instead.

So if the http locale does not include a country specific code, then there is a problem.
I was going to suggest just duplicate it, so fr-fr, but then for arabic, there is no ar-ar.

So yeh....

2 Jul 02, 2006 23:23

Yope, the code detecting the browser locale needs a little cleanup.

It should probably handle numeric weighted preferences too.

3 Jul 02, 2006 23:34

Yeh, the best idea i got to fix this would just have a list of single locales with their corresponding double locale, so:

And just use that if the http locale is a single locale...

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