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1 Jul 03, 2006 00:04    

I can't seem to delete it without breaking the page.

2 Jul 03, 2006 00:07

the actual skin file?

thats because it contains closing and opening divs that coincide with the other pages, adjust those other files as needed.

3 Jul 03, 2006 00:13

I think I just found out how...let me know if this will cause any other problems.

I deleted everything in the _feedback.php file and saved it. Everything seems to work and the form is gone. Have I solved the problem?

4 Jul 03, 2006 00:34

You could have simply disabled comments on all posts, but since you've found a method that works I guess there's no need to back up and do it over.

5 Jul 05, 2006 21:08

For a less destructive approach, open the _main.php file.

Under the section that says "START OF INCLUDE FOR COMMENTS, TRACKBACK, PINGBACK, ETC.", find this peice of code:

$disp_comment_form = 1;

And change the 1 to a 0.

6 Jul 11, 2006 00:37

Ahh...well, evidently, neither method (mine or yours) are working. I am still getting automated spam comments in my blog by the boat load.

7 Jul 11, 2006 01:15

Comment spam doesn't use the comment form is the thing. They go directly to the comment posting page and kick yer butt from there. Depending on version that'd be htsrv/comment_post.php. If you've removed the comment form from your blog (and scottsforum's method seems easiest) then I think you're safe deleting htsrv/_comment_post.php. You could err on the side of safe and simply rename that file to something like "die_spam_scum.php" just in case deleting it breaks something else.

8 Jul 11, 2006 02:33

Ok, I renamed it...let's see how that works out.

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