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1 Jul 03, 2006 22:29    

This is quite strange but i cannot post code inside my post even when it is inside a code tag. (Using a cvs build from a week ago).

See try posting with the following:

Look this won't work

<code>IF ( var < 15 )
OUTPUT 'Below 15'</code>

And it's a problem.

You will get the following error:

Parser error: not well-formed (invalid token) near IF ( var < 15 ) OUTPUT 'Be

So yeh...

2 Jul 04, 2006 00:24

Known issue/FAQ.. "<" has to be encoded as &lt;

4 Jul 04, 2006 19:20


Fran├žois once said that the html checker should become a renderer/plugin, that gets invoked when saving a new/edited item.

When this gets done, I'll take care of that it can be processed before/afterwards by another plugin ("code_fixer_plugin" ;))

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