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1 Jul 06, 2006 11:38    

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I found this post interesting:

Whenever I use this function, the 'read more' link appears centralized on the next line with an ugly image besides it. How can I customize it to appear right after the last word and without the ugly image?

EdB's answer was :

<?php $Item->content( '#', '#', ' more', '...pickup here...', '', '' ); ?>

I try to implement it without success, I still have the ugly button. What I don't understand is what to do with the 'Pickup here' bit.

2- When you click on 'Read' more link the whole article is displayed with again an ugly


How can I get rid of it please.

Thanks for your help

3 Jul 06, 2006 12:26

Hi Yabba,

Thanks for your answer, I am using this code:

<?php $Item->content( '#', '#', 'Read more', '', '', '' ); ?>

and that's perfect

5 Jul 06, 2006 14:35

Same thing eh? The third parameter is what the visitor sees before they click "read more" (or whatever text you put in the third parameter), and the fourth parameter is what they see in the same place after they click "read more".

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