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1 Jul 10, 2006 16:59    

When new users register, they are getting an error that their password doesn't work and the forgot password link doesn't seem to work either. Any ideas as to why?

If I go reset the password in the admin section then its fine :)

Thanks in advance!

2 Jul 10, 2006 17:26

Version of b2evolution? - Always state this.

3 Jul 10, 2006 17:43

Oops, sorry. I had just woken up ;)

Its 1.6 and I've set it up so that only users can comment, although I don't think that should change the fact that their passwords don't work until I reset them. if you want to look at it.

4 Jul 10, 2006 17:47

Would it be possible to attach the error message? And provide more details?

And just a suggestion, but v1.8-beta was just released, and if you don't mind porting your skin/hacks over to a much better version, i say give that a try.

5 Jul 10, 2006 17:59

There's no error message except the "Wrong login/password."

Maybe I'll upgrade to 1.8-beta. Is it a big pain to make it so that users must be registered to comment in 1.8?

6 Jul 10, 2006 18:04

It's one of the built-in features (if i remember), check out the wiki in my signature for a list of changes. - If it isn't it's only a 10-30min hack or so.

7 Jul 10, 2006 18:06

Awesome :) Thanks!

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