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1 Jul 10, 2006 22:33    

Hi all,

I tried installing b2evo blog but I got a serious problem. I guess this was because of mySQL syntax version different but do not know how to solve it. I would appreciate if anyone can help me out or so me place to seek help. (I searched here but found no solution). Below is the error message:
(My databse is mySQL 5.0 removely hosted account)

MySQL error!

You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'Blog All\'. 
\r\nThis blog (blog #1) is actually a very s' at line 7(Errno=1064)

Your query: 

INSERT INTO blogs16_blogs( blog_name, blog_shortname, blog_siteurl,
            blog_stub, blog_urlname, blog_staticfilename,
            blog_tagline, blog_description, blog_longdesc, blog_locale, blog_notes, blog_keywords,
            blog_UID, blog_allowcomments, blog_allowtrackbacks, blog_allowpingbacks, blog_pingb2evonet,
            blog_pingtechnorati, blog_pingweblogs, blog_pingblodotgs, blog_disp_bloglist,
            blog_in_bloglist, blog_links_blog_ID )
  VALUES ( 'Blog All Title', 'Blog All', '', 'all', 'all', 'all.html', 'Tagline for Blog All', 'Short description for Blog All', 'This is the long description for the blog named \'Blog All\'. <br />\r\n<br />\r\n<strong>This blog (blog #1) is actually a very special blog! It automatically aggregates all posts from all other blogs. This allows you to easily track everything that is posted on this system. You can hide this blog from the public by unchecking \'Include in public blog list\' in the blogs admin.</strong>', 'en-US', 'Notes for Blog All', 'Keywords for Blog All', '', 'post_by_post', 1, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 1, 1, 4)

2 Jul 10, 2006 22:36

this post was moved from the FAQ. Please be advised that we have an installation support area. Thats where installation support questions go.

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