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1 Jul 11, 2006 14:47    

The previous post was closed, so I'll have to open a new one.

I've applied EDB's code (, and succesfully closed comments older than 45 days -- thank you.

Edit: Is it possible so that it says that comments and trackbacks are disabled, rather than just removing the «Leave a comment» text? It now just says "Trackbacks (0)" on a single line.

URL example:,

2 Jul 11, 2006 16:11

It's possible I guess, but it wouldn't be accurate. Trackbacks, as far as I was able to guess, can not be closed on a post-by-post basis. That's why when I did that hack I did it for only comments. I tried to close trackbacks, but couldn't get it figured out.

That'd be a GREAT hack: close comments and trackbacks after a set amount of time, and have the page display tell the visitor how many (if any) of each type of feedback exists and also tell them they can't do that anymore.

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