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1 Jul 12, 2006 07:42    

Please enlighten me on this matter...

I can't help but notice that b2e is the most hit by trackback-spams than the other popular blog-app, is there something they have that the 0.9.x series do not?

And is it now 'in' the 1.x series?

I dunno, I'm not sure, but its something I noticed recently. I turned-off my trackback for now until there's a more effective anti-trackback-spam, and no, I'm not going to leave b2e, it has the features that I really need (especially multi-blogging), but people really are persistent that I switch to another blog app.

Thanks and I hope some enlightenment can be shared :)

2 Jul 14, 2006 14:28

I havent had trackback spam for months after applying the upgrades from here

3 Jul 14, 2006 14:37

1.8 is, to date, exceptional. I thought that 0.9.2 was good but this beta release leaves it in the shade.

Based on a week since installation.

4 Jul 15, 2006 06:07

hmm... interesting reports, then I'll go upgrade to 1.8 then, now just to prepare some hacks I use..

Impt question tho, 1.8 have captcha at least for comments and user registration?

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