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1 Jul 16, 2006 09:58    

Like does it know what blog number we're on? How about what $disp is and if it's single does it know the author of the post we're about to make? I'm thinking a really easy plugin will be customizing meta whatevers in the head section. Lotsa blog-wide ones are easy, but some stuff might be blog-specific and/or user-specific. So I figured I'd ask before beating my head against a million different print_r( $this )s.

  • The anti-MS tag that MS said you don't need because "we won't suck" but they really meant "we won't suck for now".

  • The anti-resize images to fit my cheap little monitor tag.

  • Favicons! This one would easily be a candidate for a blog-specific tag.

  • The handful of geourl (and the like) tags that deal with location. Some blogs don't lend themselves to location-specific tags, others do.

  • Ego tags like author and copyright would apply to single post pages and would need to know the author.

  • [*]A creative blog owner could even use a generic skin across all blogs then splash some color in via SkinBeginHtmlHead.[/list:u]

    2 Jul 16, 2006 10:14

    It pretty much knows the same as everything outside of the post loop, $Blog, $p, $disp etc (although you can also use $MainList to step though all the posts that are going to be displayed in the loop, but you need to put $MainList->restart(); after you've finished with it if you do)

    Once again I have a plugin that uses SkinBeginHtmlHead() (and steps through $MainList) to do some fancy stuff with meta tags and styles and other fuzzy things like that. If you'd like me to put it on a plane to Phoenix (or do you live in Summer now?) let me know ;)


    3 Jul 16, 2006 10:37

    Cool. Cool that it knows because that means I can safely go forward knowing the goal is reachable. I wonder if we're working towards the same goal? I would really hate to be working towards the same end result as you. Not because you'll get there faster: because I'll get there *better* ;)

    Seriously: if you think I'm overlapping something you're already going after let me know. I've coded nothing towards it other than a file with (virtually) no guts. My intention is to allow the admin to select from a handful of canned meta tags, identify by typing the name of a favicon file he/she might want (defaulting to the default of course), and also to type in the variable content for some of those funky tags like geourl and author and such.

    Oh ... uh ... (after a cheap shot about quality of hackage) if you PM me a file that shows a path it'll be on my desktop before you can say something you could say really REALLY fast!


    Topanga if you happen along this way I haven't forgotten I owe you a Link-A-Word plugin. I just can't make it happen so I fill my time with things that I think I can make happen hoping that something I learn makes me go AHA!, and I get to make your plugin happen too. In fact it's not going to be link-a-word. It'll be "Topanga" because you've been way too patient for this.

    4 Jul 16, 2006 10:46

    Stuck it on a plane to Phoenix summer :roll:


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