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1 Jul 16, 2006 17:49    

OKAY ... I've just installed v1.8 and had a devil of a time converting my custom feedbacks page over. (In fact, it's still not done and I had to just slap in the one from the Custom skin just to get things working). </rant>

So, I go to test the thing to see if I can leave a message.

I cannot even comment on my own blog without being moderated? 8| :-/ >:-<

(Okay ... so that can be remedied with a plugin ... ;) )

BUT ... (and here's my enhancement request) ... changing comment moderation choices from:


  • Edit [*]Publish [*]Deprecate [*]Delete[/list:u] to [list] [*]Edit [*]Allow (this once) [==Publish] [*]Allow (Always) [*new*][*]Deprecate [not sure why you'd want this, but what the heck] [*]Don't Allow (this once) [==Delete] [*]Never Allow [*new][/list:u]

  • would be well received and provide a more robust moderation system.

    [[ Inherent with this request would be the keeping of an allow/don't allow list (white/black list), which would then require some type of basic interface to show/edit. ]]

    2 Jul 25, 2006 02:35

    I must say that I'm also surprised that Admin have to "moderate" their own comments. I searched through every draw in the back office for what I thought would be an obvious box to tick to change this, with no luck. :)

    3 Jul 25, 2006 04:11


    We've already made a plugin at - which we'll be offering gratis - that'll resolve that issue (and add a tad more functionality).

    When it's written up and fully tested, I'll pop back here and add a link to it.

    4 Jul 25, 2006 05:12

    Great... I'll stay tuned

    5 Jul 25, 2006 12:29

    Hi John,

    I don't suppose you're running php5 by any chance?


    6 Jul 25, 2006 12:50

    No, I'm as follows....

    SQL Version MYSQL (3.23.58)
    PHP Version 4.3.11 (apache2handler)

    My host isn't ready to go up to 5 just yet.... another careful Australian

    7 Jul 25, 2006 13:00

    ack, yer bloody useless :p

    I'll pm you a link to the preview version of the plugin Scott was on about if you would like to test it out ?


    9 Jul 25, 2006 13:56

    Scott and ¥åßßå
    Thanks for the "crash test dummy" privilege.
    The plug worked as I expected it would.
    I was able to preview the post and post the post.

    Issue 1: A guest posted and hit Preview... and got a preview.
    The guest then hit submit but there was no confirmation or feedback that the post would be Moderated. It simply appeared to be stuck in Preview Mode for the guest poster.

    Issue 2: It would be nice if the Admin didn't get an email telling the Admin that the Admin had just posted a comment to the site that he/she Admins :)

    10 Jul 25, 2006 14:15

    Hi John,
    Ah well at least you can post comments huh? :p

    Did you get a "your comment has been submitted" message when you posted? (if not then check you have $Messages->disp() in your _main.php )

    Can you tell me what the comment karm is for your guest post? (if you have no other karma plugins then it should be zero)

    lol @ emails, it looks like that would require a core hack, this might work (inc/MODEL/comments/_comment.class.php approx line 971 ):-

    		// Check if we need to add the author:
    		$item_author_User = & $this->Item->get_creator_User();
    		if( $item_author_User->notify
    				&& ( ! empty( $item_author_User->email ) )
    				&& ( $this->author_ID != $this->Item->creator_user_ID )
    		{ // Author wants to be notified:
    			$notify_array[$item_author_User->email] = $item_author_User->locale;


    11 Jul 25, 2006 14:25

    Did you get a "your comment has been submitted" message when you posted?

    Yes... interesting though... if you have a long list of comments maybe this message should appear below the last post instead of at the Top of the Page.

    Can you tell me what the comment karm is for your guest post?

    Visitor website karma:100
    This is the spam karma that will be assigned if visitors leave a url when they're not allowed (values -100 > 100 )
    Users karma:-10
    This is the spam karma multiplier that will be assigned if the comment is from a registered user (values -10 > 10 )

    Note I haven't edited any settings at all. Just installed and ran.

    The email issue aint a biggy but I will play with it :)

    12 Jul 25, 2006 14:31

    Hi John,
    That actually might not be a bad idea, although you could also add $Messages->disp(); to your _feedback.php as well ;)

    If you look in admin > comments you should see what the karma level is that was assigned to the guests post (or was it that you just missed the message? Or did the guest never manage to post?)


    13 Jul 25, 2006 14:49

    Yey found it :)

    I have No Spam Karma
    My "special guest" has 0% but in reality she has a lot more :)

    14 Jul 25, 2006 14:57

    Hi John,
    bob on, think we'll class that as "working" :D

    Thanks for your help ;)


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