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1 Jul 21, 2006 18:25    

The "funky field names" for comments should be (a) randomly generated on installation and (b) user-definable via the back office. I've already gotten automated spam, so I figure 'they' either downloaded 1.8 to learn what to do or stripped the source to find the field names. Or something! Anyway if they were automagically unique and customizable on each installation the spammers would be forced - FORCED! - to go get real jobs.

2 Jul 21, 2006 19:50

(when i redo my hack) I use fieldname = mds( 'some random crap'.fieldname.post_id.ip ) and htsrv/comment_post.php on some of my blogs, you have to piss about with your _feedback.php to implement it.


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