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1 Jul 22, 2006 02:54    

I think this is the best place for this. It's not off-topic, but it's not really feedback either. Does anyone know why there is javascript in the feedback process in v1.8? Right after the feedback form starts I see a javascript when I view my source code:

<span style="float:right"></span>
<script type="text/javascript">
var nb_dynamicSelects = 0;
var tab_dynamicSelects = Array();
</script><fieldset class="fieldset">

After the form closes I get another script:

<script type="text/javascript">
if( typeof addEvent == "function" )
	addEvent( window, "load", init_dynamicSelect, false );


I disabled javascript on my site (using FF and an extension) and was still able to preview a comment, so I'm guessing it's not that. Does it have something to do with "comments in a pop-up window"? So what's the point of this script? Do visitors to b2evolution-powered blogs need to enable javascript? What am I missing when I visit a b2evolution blog that I haven't allowed javascripting from?

2 Jul 22, 2006 04:04

All I know is that I deleted the

<span style="float:right"></span>

as I don't show anything to fill the span and it gives a validation error.

I would also like the full lowdown on the JS scripts.

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