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1 Jul 28, 2006 07:43    

I like to request that the embed tag or anything Google Video, Yahoo Video, YouTube, Grouper, etc. are using be included in the allowed HTML tags.

Or better yet, give us an option in the admin panel where we can "check" which tags we want to allow. (Was reading the php file and can't seem to figure it out :p my php knowledge is limited.)


2 Sep 07, 2006 02:32

I,m all behind this features, we shouldn't have to hack a perfectly great script to add simple videos.

4 Sep 22, 2006 16:57

What about one's own videos not posted to YouTube? I mean, there are cases one might not want - or doesn't feel it's proper - to post on You Tube... after all blogging is often a personal thing.
Does allowing embed imply a risk securitywise?

6 Oct 02, 2006 05:53

I followed the directions on this post and couldn't get it work.

I want to embed some video so if someone w/ b2evo .9.1 has it working, I would appreciate the code/files.


7 Nov 30, 2006 23:31

A lot of vloggers are using (as opposed to the millions of people dancing in their bedrooms wearing their underpants who seem to prefer YouTube).

I was pretty shocked when I tried to embed a video using code that worked perfectly with WordPress and got sassed by b2 telling me it wasn't allowed.

8 Dec 05, 2006 21:55

Adding <embed> support ... [url=]a tutorial[/url]

b2evo is standards based and <embed> is a deprecated tag (in short). It's your blog though, so IF you want to use it ... go for it (you just need to tell b2evo "hey, quit giving me errors when I use it" ... or shut off the html-checker ... the thing that "sasses you" (prevents you from posting) ... but don't forget to turn it back on again.

Anyway, the link it a post about what you need to change to _formatting.php, to allow subtags and attributes (in general) and the <embed> tag inside a <p> tag, with width, height, autostart, showcontrols and loop attributes for v0.9.x (specifically).

Hope this helps.


9 Jan 09, 2007 06:30

Yah, I checked our W3C, embed is deprecated. I decided not to use it anymore, since I prefer not to use deprecated stuff if there's another way around to it.

I ended up using the youtube plugin, not sure if its using the embed tag though.

Have to study XhtML 2 and familiarize myself with what's new and what's deprecated... ^_^

10 Jan 19, 2007 20:14

i sure wish someone could do a break down on how to post via mms, what I have seen on here most of the mms video info is in Germany anyone have it in english :?:

11 Jan 19, 2007 20:15

plus I dont want to advertie for Youtube, anyone who makes that kind on money does not need my support

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